Welcome to GENESIS Engineered Solutions, LLC, we are a company dedicated to bringing integrity and cost effectiveness back to the custom automation design-build business. With over twenty years of automation experience our founder is familiar with a wide variety of processes and equipment. This experience combined with a desire to provide the customer with a solid, cost effective solution is at the heart of our organization. Founded in early 2002, GENESIS has completed several successful projects and is equipped to continue into the years to come.

Our specialties are robotics and fixed automation, and various forms of quality inspection systems including Machine Vision, Pressure Decay, Vacuum Leak, Eddy Current and Life Cycle. Our experience in these fields equips us to deal with all of the related issues that go along with them. We have experience in many industries from Food and Beverage Processing to Automotive Components Assembly.

Located in the Denver West Metro Area, we enjoy access to many quality subcontractors as well as a Labor pool of highly educated personnel. With our fine international airport we can reach any destination easily, and who wouldn't want to visit Colorado's wonderful Rocky Mountains while fitting in a stop to see us?

What We Do

We are a custom automated assembly and inspection machinery supplier for industrial applications. We provide custom designed and built solutions for light to moderate manufacturing companies. Our solutions can cover a wide variety of applications, however, for the most part they can be grouped into two major categories.

1. Automated assembly. In this group we have automated screw driving and feeding systems, parts feeding sorting and assembly operations, parts staking, gluing, pressing, welding, etc. as well as robotic pick and place operations.

2.  Parts inspection processing. In this group we have industrial machine vision, vacuum leak testing, pressure testing, eddy current inspections, continuity testing, etc.

Genesis Engineered Solutions L.L.C.

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