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SUMMARY: Proven professional information system specialist with over 20 years experience. Competent problem solver with broad technical knowledge who is known for exceeding expectations. Intelligent, focused continual learner. Analytical. Dependable. Expertise includes development and installation of systems.


  • 1974-2002 AT&T Broadband (Formerly Tele-Communications Inc.)
  • Manager IT Network Services, 1999-2002
  • Manager Network Services, TCI 1989-1999
  • Manager MIS, TCI 1982-1989
  • Supervisor Network Operations, TCI 1978-1982
  • Network Operator, TCI 1974-1978


  • Investigated and identified solution to company wide proprietary accounts payable system for a $36M expense. Created and wrote new procedures and reporting scripts that were successfully tested and solved the problem. An estimated 10% cost saving was realized with a 150% decrease in processing time and a 200% decrease in reporting time.
  • Coordinated implementation and was responsible for on going programming and database management of a new accounts receivables system for billing of Tele-Communications services provided by Western Tele-Communications Inc. (a division of TCI). This resulted in a 50% staff reduction and allowed a 200% increase in the number of invoices processed.
  • Managed the wholesale long distance telephone service provided on the communication network. Responsibility included billing, provisioning, customer service, and NPA/NXX routing. Reducing customer complaints and number of routing problems.
  • Conceived, created and maintained a program for the tracking and ordering of Tele-Communications orders placed by the IT departments for business and wholesale service including ASR's and DLR's from all the major telephone companies. This greatly improved inventory control.
  • Led the team responsible for developing the customer services suite of programs added to the circuit tracking system making it a full network management system. Additions consolidated complaint reporting, daily logs, contract summaries, and customer profiles into one system.
  • Successfully led the project to install a new fault monitoring system for the new digital radio communications network, which involved installation of 4 computers, and 100 remote stations.
  • Key player in developing a new circuit tracking and modeling system. Worked with the programmers on design and implementation. Responsible for acceptance testing and training of all users and provided ongoing administration.
  • Member of team responsible for acceptance testing and installation of a replacement fault alarm system in 1980. I was assigned the ongoing administration of the system including database updates and training of new employees.
  • Supervised the 24/7 operations center responsible for the fault isolation, technician dispatch, quality control, customer service, and network television video routing of a communication network covering 6 states.

Training and Skills

  • Operating systems Windows, MS-DOS, UNIX, VAX/VMS, RSX11, Linux Languages Pascal, Delphi, Basic, Visual Basic
  • Computer systems PC, PDP11, VAX, Micro VAX
  • Computer Literacy Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and Access, SQL/GQL, ASR


  • Training Random Access - Dbase IV
  • Random Access - Visual Basic
  • Borland - Delphi
  • Alcatel - MCS-11 fault alarm
  • Nortel - Digital Transmission


  • Graduate - Denver Institute of Technology - General Electronics Technician

Professional Development:

  • Graduate - Center for Creative Leadership's Leadership Development Program
  • Many Company sponsored programs and seminars covering topics ranging from customer services to team building to data networking.

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