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  • Extensive Project Management experience using concurrent engineering in a design team environment and continuing with the project throughout the manufacturing, assembly, debug, buyoff and installation phases.
  • Product design utilizing DFMA and cost/benefit analysis including pre-patent manufacturability and patentability analysis.
  • Complete understanding of various Manufacturing Methods, including JIT, Kanban, and the Toyota Manufacturing Method.
  • 15+ years of CAD and CAM engineering design experience including over 20,000 hours of AutoCAD 2.6-2000, over 2000 hours of Pro-E 2000i2, and over 2000 hours SolidWorks 2001 and 2001 Plus, and over 500 hours of MasterCAM 5.0-7.2.
  • Fully Functional using standard Windows Office Suite, Including Word, Excel, and MS Project 97.
  • Database Creation and Management for both Engineering and Office Environments.
  • Capable of programming and operating several varieties of CNC machines, including Kitamura and Fadal machining centers, as well as standard Bridgeport vertical mills.


  • Standardized a machine design for Airbag manufacturer testing that was implemented in 30+ machines, turning design around from marginally profitable to 45% gross profit margins.
  • Assisted in the design of various military projects, including components for the Heli-TOW missile system for Italy.
  • Designed custom electronics rack enclosures for military and commercial use using AutoCAD. Including design and drafting of cable harnesses and assembly hardware.
  • Designed valveing for use on the Space Shuttle Program and many planetary exploration satellites including many of the Martian exploration satellites. Designs used many varied and exotic materials including various titanium alloys and inconel alloys.
  • Designed custom valving and explosive actuated devices for military and satellite use. Including assisting in the design and testing of the largest pyrotechnically actuated valve in the world for use as an emergency core dump in nuclear reactors. Drawings and Designs met DOD and NASA Standards.
  • Assisted tooling engineers with design of fixtures and tooling for assembly of disc drives using AutoCAD. Including isometric drawing creation to assist assembly team overseas.
  • Engineered custom high load, high stability ergonomic lift table for machine bases. This design was tested at 3000 pounds and cycled several thousand times before acceptance of design.
  • Engineered custom inverted belt driven slide capable of loads and moments exceeding 10x available capacities of commercially available slides. Slide still has 5x the capacity of any off the shelf slide available today. Currently the first slide built has over 27,000 miles of use with zero maintenance required carrying a 5 foot wide, 60 pound arm with a 450 in-lb moment load a distance of 6 feet in 0.7 seconds.
  • Engineered custom ultra-high speed twin parallel slide using a common servo-driven shaft moving a 5 pound load 11 feet in less than 0.5 seconds, start to stop. The maximum achieved speed prior to installation was 0.3 seconds, putting the absolute speed at 40 feet per second.
  • Engineered, fabricated, assembled, debugged and delivered a custom 3-Axis CNC woodworking router with a 66" x 66" capacity in less than 6 weeks. The router was capable of cutting speeds in excess of 250 inches per minute.
  • Engineered several custom aluminum extrusion profiles for various nationwide manufacturers in the woodworking industry.
  • Patented and brought to market a woodworking setup tool. The product is sold through several international woodworking catalogs and units have been sold in over 15 countries on 5 continents. For a view of the product go to: Catalog Picture 1 and Catalog Picture 2


  • SolidWorks Design Engineering: Generate new automation equipment design and detailing in 3D Solid Modeling using SolidWorks 2001Plus. Including creating title blocks and template components for various customers.
  • Project Manager: Supervise and coordinate the design, fabrication, assembly, debug, and installation of custom automation equipment in a team environment. Maintain project schedule using Gantt charts and interface with customers. Ensure proper milestone goals and work directly with accounting to facilitate invoicing. Create manuals for Engineering design and CAD standards, and including standards training for the engineering team. Maintain CAD database and develop standard drawing format and numbering system. Interface with customer regarding CAD and format standards applicable to the customer's specification. Work with vendors and component suppliers regarding product design and delivery schedule to meet project schedule. Supervise shipping and installation of equipment in customer's plant until final buyoff and initial product run. Operate Safety Compliance Program including training, inspection, and enforcement of safety regulations. Projects included Airbag, Consumer Goods, Electronics, and Medical automation equipment.

    As Manager
  • Deliverables had to meet various company and industry standards including ISO9001, ANSI, FDA, NFPA, NEMA, and DOT. Assist Sales Department with conceptualization of new equipment based on customer product and volume needs. Interface with customer during this phase to ensure that the customer's products were designed with manufacturability in mind. Assist customer in analysis of their process flow, including part tracking. Recommend customer design changes to allow the assembly process and final product to be more reliable while maintaining the cost goals.
  • Mechanical Engineer: Design custom automation equipment including material specifications, plating specifications, and assembly requirements. Calculate pneumatic or hydraulic requirements and specify components and vendors for optimum reliability, including hose, valve and device sizing. Create pneumatic or hydraulic schematics based on requirements. Design components ranging from small gripper jaws to 5000 pound base weldments. Specify material based on design intent, availability, and cost.

Work History:

  • 09/01-Present…Self Employed and Genesis Contract Engineer Aurora CO.
  • 04/01-09/01…Faustson Tool. Golden CO.
  • 02/92-03/01…B-Ten Systems Inc. Golden CO.
  • 08/91-11/91…Maxtor International. Longmont CO.
  • 03/91-08/91…CTA International. Englewood CO.
  • 02/89-06/91…OEA Inc. Pyronetics Division. Aurora CO.
  • 09/87-01/89…Emerson Electric, Space Division. Sanford FL.


  • Pro-E - 160 Hours certified training at Rand International
  • SolidWorks - 24 Hours certified training at MCAD Design
  • Metropolitan State College - Extensive courses in Tool Design and Material Selection
  • ANSI Training for Y14.5M-1982, regarding drafting standards
  • Trained in DOD-100 drafting standards, including format creation, line weight standards, and text requirements.
  • OSHA Machinery Compliance Training
  • Ergonomics Design in Manufacturing Training
  • Various Safety Training Seminars
  • High School Diploma, 1986, Winter Park Florida, includes 3 years drafting classes

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