Assembly Stations and Systems:
An assembly station can be as simple or complex as required. We make single operation, manually loaded work stations which provide services like automated screw driving, part heat staking, ultrasonic welding, pressing, testing, etc. These individual stations are covered in more detail under Individual Ergonomic Work Stations: A typical assembly station or cell may include: automated parts feeders, parts pick and place systems, parts identification and orientation stations, and various mechanical assembly operations aspreviously listed above. The system may be asynchronous or synchronous as required to achieve the desired production rates, and or variations. Many of our system utilize industrial indexing dial tables with multiple work stations other work cells may utilize custom pallet conveyor systems, or robotic part handling and manipulation. Whatever your requirement we have the experience needed to successfully implement a solution for your application.

Barcode Inspection, Printing and Placing Systems:
We have experience in a wide variety of BARCODE specific applications, from simple barcode print and apply stations to the more complex 2D & 3D systems with application verification and custom development of unique systems for manufacturing traceability. Also included in this category are newer types of information and data devices such as RF Tags and reader systems both static and programmable. We have experience in the less common applications of ultraviolet coding for inconspicuousness, one time use or for security purposes.

Small Parts Conveying Systems:
We specialize in handling of smaller parts which can be handled on 12" X 12" pallets or smaller, even parts which can be handled directly on the conveying system without pallets. These types of systems are widely used for parts transport, feeding and assembly operations which require access from both sides and or top and bottom of the products. Also system like this can handle a wide variety of in plant obstacles like columns, elevations changes, narrow work areas, and multi level work areas.

Individual Ergonomic Work Stations:
These individual stations can be as simple or complex as required. We make single operation, manually loaded work stations which provide services like automated screw driving, part heat staking, ultrasonic welding, pressing, testing, etc. Typically these systems will be mounted to height adjustable, ergonomic, work stations. The purpose of a station like this may be to accommodate a wide variety of operator requirements: sitting / standing operations, products which require human dexterity to handle or inspect, or in situations where production does not require full automation, but mechanical fixturing or assistance for the operator to complete a task. A typical example of an ergonomic work station could be a simple two part assembly which requires pressing of the two components, the operator could load to components into parts fixtures and then initiate an automated pressing operation, which completes the assembly and verifies correct press force and position are achieved.

Industrial Machine Vision Systems:
Machine vision systems are rapidly growing in industrial applications with the newly available cost effective cameras and accessories for this market. We have experience with many of the available systems on the market today. The basic technology revolves around acquiring an image of a desired feature or product with the use of a CCD array. Once the image is acquired, tools are applied to the image to inspect for specific criteria as developed by the integrator and customer. Typical uses for industrial vision may includebarcode reading and verification (all types of codes), part measurement, surface defects detection, presence or absence of a part or feature, reading and/or verifying of printed text or images, sorting and/or orientation of parts and robotic guidance systems. Also available with today's rapidly changing technology are color CCD's and even new CMOS systems, which are becoming faster and more cost effective every day. Let us show you the possibilities of using vision in your environment.

Robotic Work Stations:
Modern robots are capable of very fast and accurate motions and have the ability to complete very complex tasks, especially when combined with other available automation tools like Machine Vision, Automated Screw drivers and other similar devices. A robotic station is capable of retrieving its own parts, tooling and processing them, and then loading completed units into packaging or trays for further processing. A station like this may require little or no operator intervention providing hours of uninterrupted productivity. Unlike robots of the past, these new robots are small and cost effective to implement and use. We will be happy to set up a demonstration for your application.

Inspection and Testing Stations:
With the high cost of achieving and maintaining quality in the work place today, these systems are indispensable. We can provide you with a wide variety of inspection and testing stations for your products. Whether you require online 100% testing of parts or lot sampling we can help. We can build test cells to provide durability testing to ANSI standards or both destructive and non destructive testing cells as required. We have experience with Helium Leak testing, pressure decay testing, flow testing, continuity Testing, Vision Inspection, Eddy Current Testing and more. Tell us about your product and its testing requirements maybe we can help you too!


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